"Then I will give you shepherds after My own heart, who will feed you on knowledge and understanding."

Jeremiah 3:15

Pastoral Team Serving Grace Chapel of Washington, D.C.

Amanda Dempster

Amanda Dempster – Senior Pastor

Amanda Dempster is the senior pastor at Grace Chapel of Washington, D.C., in Rockville Maryland. She relocated to the Washington, D.C. area after spending eight years in ministry training in Shiloh, a Living Word Fellowship church and conference center in Kalona, Iowa, under the mentorship of Craig and Phyllis Haworth, senior pastors.

Amanda was born in Iowa City, Iowa, while her father was pastoring a church in nearby Burlington. Her relationship with the Lord began at an early age as her father involved her in everything he could concerning the ministry. He spent a lot of time with Amanda, imparting excitement for the Scriptures, worship, a strong prayer life, and a love for people. By the time she was 11, her family had moved four times as the Lord led her father in his ministry, from Iowa, to Colorado, to California, and finally to Rockville, Maryland, where he pastored Grace Chapel of Washington, D.C.

After graduating from St. Mary’s College of Maryland with a degree in Sociology/Anthropology and a minor in Africa and African Diaspora studies, Amanda still wanted something more in her life. She knew that if she took the time to pursue the Lord, she would find what she was seeking—a deeper relationship with Him. And so, in 2006, she moved from Maryland to Kalona, Iowa, where the Lord led her into a mentoring relationship with Phyllis Haworth.

During her time at Shiloh, Amanda was sent to spend five months at the Church of the Living Word in Mount Zion, a prophetic community in Niteroi, Brazil. While in Brazil she had a tremendous meeting with the Lord in worship and an experience of His love. Out of this experience she began to know the will of God for her life and opened her heart to pursue a pastoral ministry. She returned to Shiloh and was hired as an administrative assistant to Craig and Phyllis Haworth. As a Shiloh employee for five years, Amanda was trained in the ministry, learning both the administrative and pastoral aspects of running a church. She organized and led worship services, participated in an outreach ministry to Iowa City, and began pursuing a Master of Divinity degree from Shiloh University.

In August of 2013, Amanda returned to Grace Chapel of Washington D.C. to visit and minister to the people. As she walked the grounds, she realized that the Lord was leading her to return to Maryland to follow in her father’s footsteps by stepping into the pastoral ministry in Grace Chapel. In March of 2014, after much prayer and confirmation from the overseeing ministries of The Living Word Fellowship, Amanda moved back to Rockville, Maryland. She started as the associate pastor alongside Lynne Cotton, continuing under the mentorship of Craig and Phyllis Haworth. In March of 2015, Amanda was ordained as a senior pastor. Amanda is excited to participate in the next steps at Grace Chapel and witness the Lord’s moving in her generation.

Lynne Cotton

Lynne Cotton – Pastor

Lynne Cotton has been a member and ministry in The Living Word Fellowship since 1972. Her dedication and heart to serve the Lord was imparted by the Holy Spirit through the teaching and ministry of John Robert Stevens.

During the 1970s and 1980s, Lynne served Living Word churches in California and Iowa. In Los Angeles, she worked at Living Word Publications, the fellowship’s publishing house, and at Centers of Learning, one of the fellowship’s community schools. In Iowa, she worked for another of the fellowship’s schools, the school at Shiloh. In 1984, Lynne moved to San Diego and began functioning as part of the ministry team at Church of His Kingdom. Ten years later, she was commissioned and ordained to pastor Beracah Chapel, a fellowship church in Detroit, Michigan. In 2002, Lynne began to co-pastor this church, Grace Chapel of Washington D.C. She worked closely with Pastor John Dempster in the spiritual, administrative, and fiduciary oversight. When John moved to Los Angeles in 2013, Lynne continued to nurture and care for Grace Chapel’s congregants. Today, Lynne is delighted to serve alongside John’s daughter, Amanda Dempster. Amanda was ordained as Grace Chapel’s senior pastor in March of 2015.